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Dr. Michael Jones

The experience with Dr. Jones is excellent. He has amazing bedside manner no worry in the world. I had a tummy tuck and lipo of the flanks. It never look better, in the first time in my life I can wear a bikini and I never looked better!!

Tummy Tuck

I love to see the work that Dr Jones do. I appreciate the job he’s done in my behalf. He stopped the pain I had from the keloid I had on my chest and I couldn’t thank him even more. I would love to every time I have a problem in the future I want him and I recommend others to him

Keloid Removal

Such a great experience! I had my concerns and doubts but after seeing the results, I was amazed! The process afterwards was a little rough but doctor Jones and his staff made me feel better on my bad days!

Breast Augmentation

Dr. Jones is a nice guy he answered my questions & gave me advice. I really like Dr.Jones he was easy to talk to. I had my aftercare and visit everything looks good. he wasnt there but the nurse was just as knowledgable as far questions.

Brazillian Butt Lift

The team at Lexington Surgery was the best, I encourage everyone to go and get a consultation with Josie, oh she is the best and so truthful and sincere. They treat you like a celebrity, I swear after surgery they called to check on me, the nurses would not leave my side until my ride arrived. Money well spent and they appreciate me…. Please go check them out before you go any where else I checked out about 3 places before going to them. Dr. Jones is just awesome. Excellent customer services….

Breast Augmentation

Dr. Nicholas Jones

On August 24, 2017,I had an abdominoplasty performed by the World’s BEST Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Jones!!! I was truly impressed with Dr. Jones from the first day we met. He gave meticulous attention to detail, before and after my procedure. He has completely transformed my body and I’m LOVING IT!!!!! From day one, he’s been very professional and always available if and when I needed him. Words can’t express how grateful I am for the way he has changed my life! I’m still healing, but I feel and look GREAT! Dr. Jones truly cares about his patients and wants to make sure they receive the very best care during and after surgery. I recommend Dr. Jones for any type of plastic surgery!!!! He’s AMAZING!!!!!

Tummy Tuck

Dr Jones was very professional, informative and kind! He made me feel extremely comfortable and I am glad I came across him to do my procedure.


Very sincere and immaculate attention to detail regarding the results I wanted to achieve. Dr. Nicholas Jones is a gifted surgeon who is deeply concerned about your expectations before, during recovery and even after your procedure. I have nursed two children and he restored my body back to what I looked like before childbirth. He exceeded my expectations in every way! A true professional that I will continue to recommend to anyone wanting to improve their imperfections.

Breast Augmentation

Dr. Jones was very personable and patient as he explained my surgery to me. He is so informative as well as resourceful. We need more doctors that are approachable. He made me feel like he cares not just for me but all of his patients.


With both of my children, I overindulged during their pregnancies and went up to 200 pounds. After lots of hard work and determination, I am back down to a size 6. I was left with a lot of extra skin on my stomach and decided it was time to take charge of my confidence. My husband didn’t think I needed it because he’s the sweetest man in the world, but he’s been extremely supportive with my decision. He will be taking care of me and our two kids during my recovery.

My hope is to gain my full confidence back and be able to really immerse myself in moments with my family as opposed to being so self conscious about the way my body looks. It’s no way to live. I went through the motions of feeling guilty for wanting this done, but my husband has done a pretty good job of making me feel like I deserve this.

I have been feeling more anxious as the procedure gets closer, especially about the drains, but I’m excited for what’s to come!

Tummy Tuck

Dr. Kevin Ende

I did a lot of research before deciding to do the procedure with Dr. Ende and would highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in hairline lowering. He is so professional- he has answered all my emails in a timely fashion and addressed all of my concerns personally. Dr. Ende walked me step by step through the process and procedure. He is truly amazing! Everything everyone says about him is true.

Hair Transplant

My experience with Dr. Ente went as I expected, went really well. He was as I expected, very professional as well as courteous, gracious and unassuming. If he has done hundreds face lifts such as the one he did on me, then he is not only a professional expert but also someone who took the time to explain to me as if for the first time what the procedure is and what to expect. He made feel that I was in good hands under his care. I trust his work and expect to return sometime in future to have my eye brows done.


I would definitely recommend Dr. Kevin Ende to anyone who’s looking to have this procedure. From day one, he answered all of my questions, even a couple of weeks after my procedure, little did I know that he was on vacation and I had a question for him and I decided to text him and he responded back immediately. He has really made a difference in my every day life.

Forehead Reduction

I recently had a hair transplant procedure with Dr. Kevin Ende. Prior to my first consultation with Dr. Ende, I was nervous and unsure if I wanted to proceed. After my consultation, I couldn’t have been more sure. Dr. Ende is knowledgeable, precise, talented, and will explain each and every step of the procedure in detail with ease and confidence. Go ahead and ask him the tough questions, he’ll explain everything you need and want to know. I left my consultation feeling that he is dedicated to doing a top notch job and providing the very best of care. My procedure went very smooth. Dr. Ende explained to me every step he was about to do during the procedure. For me, that was comforting and assuring. While leading up to my procedure date, I emailed questions to Dr. Ende and his responses were always in a timely manor. Communication with Dr. Ende was never a problem or a concern, as well as scheduling appointments. Dr. Ende is a pleasure to work with and I am positive you will share the same feelings after meeting with him. I am very excited to see the final result of my procedure. Lastly, I was fortunate enough to work with his technician Rhiannon. She is a rock star! Dr. Ende and his staff are incredibly passionate about the work that they do. I wouldn’t want my procedure to have been done by another doctor.

Hair Transplant

45 years old, female After doing fillers for many years, I have switched to Fat transfers. I had several procedures done by the same doctor. Downtime is not long. After 2 weeks my face looks normal, not swollen at all. I really like the outcome. Grate doctor. Very good results. Definitely worth it. Highly recommend it.

Facial Fat Transfer

Dr. Gerald Ginsberg

I can only say great things about Dr. Ginsberg. He’s nothing but the best, he has an amazing heart and is great at what he do. He gave me my whole life and snatched this waist all the way up. I couldn’t be more happier with my results and my husband LOVES IT!!!! Thank you Dr. G for being great all around

Tummy Tuck

Meeting with Dr.GGinsber was an wonderful experience…he has years of experience… He perform my BBL…He know exactly what i was looking for…and my results are GREAT…I look and fill Good…Dr.G…is Fantastic

Brazilian Butt Lift

I had lipo done in Sept. 2017 with Dr. Gingsberg. I must admit it was the best decision ive made. He is very caring and explained all the pros and cons. I feel my results are amazing and i want to thank Dr. Gingsberg and his staff for their wonderful treatment.


Rated as one of the top NYC plastic surgeons. I agree! Great surgeon and bedside manner. Does normal people but has celebrity following as well.

Breast Implants Removal

Dr. Ginsberg was personable and extremely attentive. No pipe dreams. He told me what was realistic for my body and promised to put forth his best effort.

Tummy Tuck

Dr. Roberto J. Mendez

Dr. Mendez is amazing! He genuinely cares for his patients and he is so detailed in everything he does! Amazing! No regrets no complaints! I can call him personally with any questions I have anytime! Love him! Thank you!!

Breast Implants

Dr. Mendez is very caring and patient. What a difference when a Dr. loves what he does and not treat you like a piece of meat or the next transaction like the first Dr. I want to did. Dr. Mendez made me feel at ease, he took his time to explain the surgery and what he was going to do. He called me after the surgery to make sure I was doing well and he gave me his personal number if I needed anything or have any concerns. His staff is first class, they welcome you like family and make you feel at ease. Thank you Dr. Mendez, Christina, Marilyn and Limor for being kind and hospitable during all the visits and especially during and after the surgery. I am very happy with the results and can’t wait to heal completely to feel like myself again.

Breast Implant Revision

Dr Mendez was if I had to sum it up in one word “AWESOME”. Great bedside manner, available for questions anytime, staff was just as excellent made me feel like family!!!!! I would recommend them to everyone.

Tummy Tuck

I started stretching my ears at the age of 14 and ended at 1 and 1/8 inch. I downsized to 3/4″ after having to take them out for a week in the hospital and eventually just got tired of them and decided to let my earlobes close up as much as they could. I was finally able to save up the money to get them sewed up and had a 2 week vacation to Puerto Rico coming up, so I decided to call beforehand and make an appointment to get the procedure done the same day with Dr. Robert Mendez in Ponce, PR. The procedure took about 20 minutes and it was absolutely painless. Both my ears were numb during the surgery, and the healing process has been great so far. Im super excited to be able to repierce my ears and wear small earrings again!

Ear Lobe Surgery

My experience with Dr. Mendez was exceptional. I have had two surgeries with him. One a neck left and the other and breast reduction/breast lift and implants. On both occasions he was very professional and caring. He even gave me his personal number in case I needed to get a hold of him which I didn’t need since he constantly called to check up on me. He did a great job on my neck lift but had a small concern after surgery which he took care of free of charge. He guarantees his work! I would recommend him to anyone and would see him again if needed. Dr. Mendez took care of me in his Ponce, Puerto Rico clinic.

Breast Lift with Implants

Dr. Eric W. Khairalla

I had a mommy makeover December of 2016 (less than 3 months ago) and decided to have Dr. Khairalla perform the surgery. Dr. Khairalla performed my first cosmetic surgery (breast augmentation with saline) when I was 19. That procedure gave me excellent results, not to mention added confidence. I chose Dr. Khairalla this time around (now in my 30’s with kids) because of his professionalism, attentiveness, and genuine care for his patients, in addition to the fact that he is highly skilled and does beautiful work. I’ve seen him greet his other patients in the lobby area as he makes his rounds for appointments, and I can honestly say that every single one of his other patients always look so happy to see him. The procedure I had done this time around was a mommy makeover to include a tummy tuck and breast lift with silicone implants. The results are still in transition but so far my breast lift with implants have settled and look great. My tummy tuck is in the final stages of healed, and so far looks good. I even got a better looking belly button than I had before :-). Bottom line – I recommend Dr. Khairalla for breast augmentations, tummy tucks, etc.

Mommy Makeover

Dr. Khairalla did an amazing job with my surgery. I had talked to other physicians about the procedure needed to correct my deformity and both other options I was given would have involved bigger scars and more time. He offered me a solution that would only leave me with a small discrete scar and great results. He was very straightforward from the beginning on what my expectations should be and 5 months later I have very small, barely visible scars and I couldn’t be happier with the result. He took the time to call me a couple of times after my surgery to make sure I am doing well and has been great about regular checks to make sure everything is healing properly.

Breast Reconstruction

I wanted to remove stubborn fat that I could not remove no matter how much I changed my diet or exercised.


Wonderful! 25 years experience. Great bedside manner. Nice, friendly, felt very safe, answered all my questions. I just love him! And his wife too! Such nice office. Just excellent!

Breast Implant Removal

I went to see Dr. Khairalla for a reconstructive breast surgery and I am very satisfied with the results and the level of care provided. Dr. Khairalla demonstrated a high level of professionalism. Once he knows what you want, he is clear and honest about what he can do. The surgery went very well and following the surgery Dr. Khairalla and his assistant Ghislaine called me at home for 3 consecutive days to see how I am doing. He is very conscientious about follow-up and he is very caring. I am glad that I trusted him for my surgery and, personally, I highly recommend him.

Breast Reconstruction