Does the Radiation Used After Keloid Excision Possibly Cause Cancer?

Ask Dr. Jones Episode 4 Painful, itchy and unsightly raised scars, also known as keloids afflict more than 18 million people around the world. African Americans, Asians, and Hispanics are actually genetically prone to developing [...]

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Is it worth getting plastic surgery if you want to have more kids?

Ask Dr. Jones Episode 3 There are many myths and misconceptions regarding what you can and cannot do to enhance your body during your childbearing years. Undergoing plastic surgery is a serious but personal decision [...]

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Experts in Keloid Management – Lexington Plastic Surgeons

Keloids are a variety of scar tissue that affect many populations around the world. Keloid management is important. Here at Lexington Plastic Surgeons we specialize in the treatment and removal of keloids, the small [...]

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