Ask Dr. Jones Episode 3

There are many myths and misconceptions regarding what you can and cannot do to enhance your body during your childbearing years. Undergoing plastic surgery is a serious but personal decision that requires extensive research, especially if you plan to have more children. Most women opt for plastic surgery after they are done having children to maximize their potential post-operative results. Pregnancy has the ability to undo or cause damage to areas of the body that have had previous work done.

During routine breast reductions and lifts, glandular tissue, breast fat and excess skin is removed. The size of the areola and the placement of the nipple may also be altered for proportionate results. While results will vary for each patient, this procedure may alter milk supply when attempting to breast feed in the future.

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Pregnancy and breastfeeding will also cause the breasts to swell. This may not be ideal for a patient who’s just received a breast reduction. There is no way to determine if the breasts will bounce back after pregnancy, because each individual and pregnancy case is unique. With routine breast augmentations, there is also a chance of decreased milk supply, although this is not very common.

A tummy tuck or Abdominoplasty procedure is used to remove loose, sagging skin and excess fat, all while tightening the abdominal muscle for a tight, sleek appearance to the stomach. Most women receive this procedure after they have successfully given birth and are looking to regain their pre-pregnancy body. Men also get this surgery when they’ve lost a significant amount of weight but are left with the loose curtain of skin and fat. If you plan on having more children, it is important to wait at least a year after your Abdominoplasty or liposuction procedure to make sure you are completely healed. Keep in mind you may lose some of the benefits from the tummy tuck during your pregnancy. Patients who’ve received liposuction may also experience the same issue. After removing unwanted fat from your body and sculpting out your frame, you can potentially regain the fat deposits during pregnancy.

Some patients have reported that their bodies bounced back even better after receiving tummy tuck or liposuction surgery and giving birth again. Each case is different and all results will vary. What may work for you may not work for another individual. Some patients may require revision surgery to repair any damage caused from additional pregnancies. After speaking to an experienced plastic surgeon about your options, the decision is ultimately up to you.