We take pride in giving our patients adequate time to have personal and confidential consultations. Lexington Plastic Surgeons specializes in various surgical and non-surgical procedures, therefore, this allows us to emphasize listening to the patient’s needs, wishes, and concerns, hence articulating clearly the options available and the strengths and limitations of those options. Click on any of the cosmetic and non-cosmetic procedures listed below for more detailed information.

Body Contouring

There are a number of reasons why someone may feel that his or her body attributes are standing in the way of feeling confident. Some may have just naturally, never developed. For others a pregnancy or mid-life weight loss has left them with stretched/ loosened skin or weakened muscles in areas that are difficult to tone. If you feel that conventional methods are just not enough, then a cosmetic surgical procedure for the body may be a solution for you.

Scar & Keloid Treatment

Lexington Plastic Surgeons, under the direction of Dr. Michael E. Jones is now offering an innovative scar treatment center to solve a continuum of scarring issues, from large and unsightly Keloids to the common post-partum stretch mark. Also available for retail sale within all of our treatment centers, on-line and in select community pharmacies is our topical cream, Keloid Care.

Facial Surgery

Your face is the first thing people notice about you. If you’re self-conscious about even one of its features, whether it’s your eyes, smile or expressions, you may not make a strong, positive impression. There are a number of procedures you might consider to create the look you desire and an impression guaranteed to enhance your personal as well as your professional life.


As we grow older our skin’s elasticity decreases and the underlying soft tissue begins to breakdown, giving us an increasingly aged appearance. Wrinkles, skin discoloration and unwanted facial and body hair are some of the indicators we are undergoing the typical aging process. Surgery may not be for everyone, so we offer a number of alternatives that may also reduce these signs of maturation. These non-invasive, yet still medically sophisticated options will not only combat the aging process but will restore the overall condition of your skin.


Whether it be breast augmentation, reduction or a post-partum breast lift, we’re here to help you feel comfortable and confident. Breast reduction is also one of the few cosmetic procedures covered by insurance companies. Looking to renew your lust for life, dating and relationships after weight loss or pregnancy? -You can also consider a breast lift.


The breast is such a vital organ for women in terms of maintaining femininity and sensuality, wholeness, and healthy social interactions. In conjunction with a cancer diagnosis, the loss of a breast may doubly scar a cancer patient. During the past 20 years, the evolution of breast reconstruction has provided women and surgeons with an effective treatment for these types of holistic issues. Breast reconstruction allows women to re-explore and don a variety of clothing, restore emotional balance and body integrity, as well as enhance dating and sexual interactions.


Each year, more and more men discover the benefits of cosmetic procedures, which include helping them to look younger and feel better. Lexington Plastic Surgeons loves to assist male patients looking for the confidence to compete with their younger counterparts. We use techniques that achieve subtle and natural improvements with minimal downtime. Our male patients return to us time and time again to maintain a youthful, healthy look.


At Lexington Plastic Surgeons, we pride ourselves on life changing transformations and quality patient care that help everyday men and women look and feel their best. As an innovator in the field of beauty, we assist with rejuvenation, body enhancements, and other services that provide youthful looking results. Our procedures are great ways to make moderate adjustments to help you achieve your desired look.