Lexington Plastic Surgeons, under the direction of Dr. Michael E. Jones is now offering an innovative Scar & Keloid treatment center to solve a continuum of scarring issues, from large and unsightly Keloids to the common post-partum stretch mark. Also available for retail sale within all of our treatment centers, online and in select community pharmacies is our topical cream, Keloid Care.

Keloids are painful and/or itchy scar tissues that may form over a wound from an injury or surgical procedure. They will form due to a piercing, acne, chickenpox or even a scratch. Most often, keloids will appear on the chest, back, shoulders and earlobes. Keloids affect men and women equally, but impact up to 20% of populations with darker skin tones. Living with keloids can be difficult and even embarrassing. Surgery alone is usually not the best option to remove a keloid because it can grow back and reform an even larger growth.

Below is the list of all the Scar & Keloid procedures that will help you achieve the look that you’ve always wanted.